Workshop on Advanced Wastewater Treatment

EIWR organized a four day workshop for the institute students with Professor Hartmut Eckstädt. He is a renewed professor from University of Rostock, Germany. He gave lectures/seminar in advanced wastewater treatment (wastewater discharge in sewers and waste water treatment)

The presentation/lecture was held from 9th of December to December 19 at Addis Ababa University Akaki Campus. The four days workshop mainly focused on:

  • Estimation of amounts of rain water and foul wastewater
  • Dimensioning and construction of sewers
  • Mechanical treatment of wastewater 
  • Biological treatment of wastewater (Activated sludge principle, removal of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, trickling filter, pond systems, constructed wetlands, membrane technology)
  • Ecological sanitation (ECOSAN)
  • Sludge treatment (dewatering, stabilization, sludge discharge, phosphorus recycling)
  • Small wastewater plants   
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