Seminar on “Data for Publications”

Seminar Dr. Solomon G/Yohannis, a faculty member on staff at EIWR, presented a seminar to graduate students on research standards, data, and writing for publications. At this well attended event, he shared his experiences on knowing the difference between data vs. facts, optional data sources, and data analysis techniques. The discussion included details on how to control data quality, summarize tables and figures, and write up results. Other advice included tips on journal and thesis writing and how to respond to a publisher’s concerns.

The seminar participants engaged in a lively discussion about research ethics. The group discussed how the institute should have a research protocol and ethical assurance team to minimize issues raised related to research. Other questions raised included how to structure acknowledgements in a thesis, publication standards, the criteria for publishing in reputable journals, and issues related to authorship and affiliation. Finally, the students expressed their interest in having more of these types of seminars and trainings on different topics and asked EIWR to develop consistent and well-arranged documents regarding the EIWR’s rules and regulations.