New Roles at EIWR

Two EWIR faculty have been appointed to coordinate EIWR’s work in its pillar areas of education, research, and outreach. Dr. Azage G/Yohannes has accepted the role as the new coordinator for education and Dr. Solomon G/Yohannis will oversee many projects related to research and outreach. Both staff have been faculty with the Institute for over two years and will work to sustain and grow the programs initiated since the Institute was founded in 2011.Dr. Azage will develop systems to monitor indicators of student progress and other educational practices within the institute. He will be assisted by two staff supporting the water resources engineering and management (WREM) and Water and Health (WaHe) graduate programs. For his part, Dr. Solomon will establish research teams within the institute and will provide support on how to develop research based community servicing outreach activities within the country. He will also be a resource for researchers concerned with the Addis Ababa University’s rules and regulations related to research.