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Requirements: Water Resources Engineering and Management (MSc, PhD)

MSc. Program

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The M.Sc. program comprises 21 credits of core courses, 6 credits of elective specialization courses, 3 credits of general elective courses and 6 credits of Thesis Research for a total of 36 credits.


MSc Core Courses (42 credits)

Research and Teaching Methods (6)

Sustainability & Water Resources (6

Computer Programming & Numerical Analysis (6)

Probabilistic Methods in Hydroscience (6)

Hydrologic Remote Sensing (6)

Surface Water Hydrology (6)

Ground Water Hydrology (6)


MSc Elective Specialization Courses (12 credits)

Students can elect to specialize in one of the following three areas: Surface Hydrology, Ground Water Hydrology, and Irrigation. The courses that must be taken for each of these areas are as follows:

  1. Specialization Area Surface Water Management
  • Water Resources Systems: Planning and management (6)
  • Reservoir Sedimentation & Management of Operations (6)
  1. Specialization area Groundwater Management
  • Groundwater Modeling (6)
  • Groundwater Assessment & management (6)
  1. Specialization Area Irrigation management
  • Modeling for Irrigation & Drainage (6)
  • Water Management of Irrigation System & Agronomy (6)

MSc Thesis Research (30 credits)


PhD Program

The PhD program builds on the MS curriculum and requires a total of 15 credits courses from the list below and/or from other list as requested by the student advisory committee and approved by the Institute Council, in addition to the required doctoral dissertation research.


WREM 7112. Hydroclimatology [3]

WREM 7122. Open Channel Hydraulics [3]

WREM 7132. Fluvial Processes & River Mechanics [3]

WREM 7142. Geostatistics [3]

WREM 8109. Doctoral Dissertation Research







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