Requirements: Water and Health (MSc, PhD)

MSc. Program

Masters students are required to take ten courses (5 core courses + 3 specialization required and at least 2 specialization elective courses). In addition to this, students are required to carry out a research work (M.Sc. thesis) in their area of specialization during the second year.


Core Courses (15 credits) Common to W&WWT and W&PH Streams

Research and Statistical Methods (3)

Water Quality Management (3)

Water Supply and Sanitation (3)

Water and Socio-Economics of Health (3)

Environmental Epidemiology (3)


Specialization Courses

W&PH (9 credits) Specialty Courses

Water Associated Diseases (3)

Community and Emergency Water Supply, Hygiene, and Sanitation (3)

Advanced Biostatistics (3)


W&WWT (9 credits) Specialty Courses

Water Chemistry (3)

Water Treatment (3)

Wastewater Treatment (3)


W&WWT (12 credits) Elective Courses

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (3)

Environmental Pollutants (3)

Water Quality Modeling (3)

Water Conservation and Reuse (3)


W&PH (12 credits) Elective Courses

Molecular Environmental Biology (3)

Environmental Pollutants (3)

Spatial Analysis (3)

Climate and Health (3)


PhD Program

Successful completion of at least 5 courses (12);

Successful completion and defense of a doctoral dissertation work (30).


The program is a three year program.  Continuous registration is required at the home institution. A candidate who fails to maintain a continuous registration without officially withdrawing from the program will be considered to have dropped out of it.



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