Graduate Program


Thesis Examination

Three MSc students who lagged behind from the first batch of Water and Health Track (2 in Water and Wastewater Treatment and 1 in Water and Public Health streams) successfully defended their thesis on October 29,2014.

Student Acceptance for 2014/15 Academic Year

From more than 85 applicants EIWR accepted 54 students to Water Resource Engineering Management (WREM) and Water and Health (WaHe) graduate programs for 2014/15 academic year. The student accepted from various universities in Ethiopia, Research centers, Ministry of Water Irrigation & Energy (MOWIE) and other institutions.

Graduate Program

















The  of applicants to two of the MSc programs (WaHe, IRBM) were not enough to run the program during the 2014/15 academic year, so that the institute decided to extend the application deadline for the two programs to continue accept application from potential applicants.

Pls Note:

  • When Apply please bring in your sponsorship letter from your Institute (Ministry of Education (your respective Public Universities) & Ministry of Water, Irrigation & Energy and other Institutions.
  • Self sponsored students are also encouraged to apply
  • For application procedure, and required data look into  Student Guide Book 
  • PhD students when apply shall also submit their initial PhD proposal possibly identifying Advisors


EIWR’s MSc & PhD Students defend their Thesis Proposal

The Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources (EIWR) organized a thesis proposal defense session for its MSc and PhD studentsmeseret on January 16 and 17 2014 at the institute’s compound. Under the track name Water and Health in both Water and Public Health and Water and Wastewater Treatment streams a total of 20 MSc students out of which 12 female and 8 male and 19 PhD students (12 male and 7 Female) defend their thesis proposal.

The purpose of the thesis proposal defense was to assure that students plan of researching their proposed research question is complete and holds academic merit. Both MSc and PhD students work closely with their advisor/s in determining the composition as well as in writing the thesis proposal. After the student prepared the proposal and the advisor/s gave approval that the document is ready to be defended, a defense program was scheduled.

An examiners committee consists of the thesis advisor, Research Coordination and Facilitation (RCF) professors and one other member of the Addis Ababa University was formed. The defense session was a public event for other interested experts in the area.

Three days before the scheduled proposal defense date, paper copy and PDF version of the final written proposal was submitted to EIWR and circulated to the examiners in advance of the proposal defense. At the defense, students make oral presentation involves a 15 minute presentation followed by question and answer session. After the question and answer period, the candidate and other guests were asked to leave the room and the examiners record an official decision using the Thesis Proposal Defense Form. Once the proposal has been defended and accepted, the student/candidate is cleared to finish writing the thesis.


New Master Program in Trans-boundary

For the first time, EIWR will be offering a Master’s degree in Trans-boundary governance in the fall of 2014.. The program will highlight how competing uses of water creates the demand for effective management of the resource.

For detailed information on the curriculum and course requirements  see eiwr-msc-and-phd-programs