EIWR Welcomes New Director

AAU has appointed Dr. Geremew Sahilu Gebrie as the new Director of the Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources (EIWR). He comes to EIWR with international experience in civil engineering and infrastructure development within the water and sanitation sectors. Dr. Geremew is an Assistant Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the  Addis Ababa Institute of Technology – Addis Ababa University where he was the Director of the Post Graduate Program and is  currently President of the Ethiopian Association of Civil Engineers (EACE). 

Dr. Geremew is very excited to be working with the faculty at EIWR and looks forward to strengthening the Institute’s graduate, research, and community outreach programs.  He aspires to transform EIWR to a Center of Excellence with multidisciplinary programs focused on water resource management while creating a regionally and internationally competitive hub that ranks among the top research and academic institutions in the sector.

Dr.  Geremew holds a BSc. degree in Civil Engineering from the Civil Engineering Department (Faculty of Technology) of Addis Ababa University, an  MSc degree in infrastructure planning from Stuttgart University, and a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stuttgart University where his dissertation title was  “Integrated Decision-Making Tools for Rural Water Supply Based on Ethiopian Case-Studies”.  Dr. Geremew has considerable field experience having worked as a program and technical officer for the UNHCR in Afghanistan and Cameroon. Dr. Geremew’s research interest include water supply and sanitation, urban drainage, storm water management; decision support systems, sustainability issues of water infrastructures; hydropower development, and infrastructure management and evaluation.