Doctoral Candidate in Water and Health Successfully Defended Dissertation under the title “Social – Ecological and Behavioral Determinants of Rural Sanitation”


Congratulations to Ms. Fikralem Alemu, a Doctoral candidate at the Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources, Addis Ababa University, for completing the Water and Health interdisciplinary PhD program in Water and Public Health specialization. Fikralem successfully defended her dissertation on Tuesday, February 06, 2018.

In her professional carrier, Fikralem has made invaluable contributions to International Rescue Committee, Degem Health Center of Ministry of Health and Family Health International in Ethiopia. Her passionate and rigorous PhD studies devoted to furthering the Social, Ecological and Behavioral Determinants of Rural Sanitation.

During the period of her PhD research, Ms. Fikralem Alemu has published original articles on peer reviewed international journals:

  • A Socio-ecological analysis of barriers to the adoption and sustainability of sanitation facilities in rural Ethiopia. Published in September, 2017 on BMC Public Health Journal.
  • The role of psychosocial factors in predicting latrine ownership and use in rural Ethiopia: A Cross-sectional study. Accepted for publication on January 26, 2018 on BMC Public Health.
  • Latrine ownership, consistent latrine use and associated socio demographic determinants. Submit to PLOS one journal.

The EiWR would like to take this opportunity to congratulate on the successful completion of her doctoral studies and wish all the best in her future endeavor.

Fikrealem is the 4th female PhD candidate promoted which brings the total number of PhD candidates promoted to 12 of whom 8 are in the Water and Health program while the remaining 4 are in the Water Resources Engineering and Management Program.