Application for second semester 2016/17 is now open

The Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources (EiWR) of the Addis Ababa University has started accepting applications from potential students for the 2016/17 (2008 E.C) second semester Regular Academic year in

  1. MSc and PhD programs in Water Resources Engineering and Management,
  2. MSc and PhD programs in Water and Health with streams in

                       (a) Water and Public Health and

                       (b) Water and Waste Water Treatment

  3. MSc in Integrated River Basin Management – with focus in Trans-In Boundary Rivers Basin Management and  Governance   

Deadline for application submission is 28 April 2016.

Submit Application at the Office of the Registrar at Addis Ababa University, Main Campus.


Please Note:

  1. When Apply please bring in your sponsorship letter from your Institute (Ministry of Education (your respective Public Universities) & Ministry of Water, Irrigation & Energy and other Institutions.
  2. Self-sponsored students are also encouraged to apply
  3. For application procedure, and required data look into EIWR website for EIWR Student Guide Book
  4. PhD students when apply shall also submit their initial PhD proposal possibly identifying Advisors